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Where's Scotty...........

Ready, set and 10 days to go!!

rain 11 °C

Ok here I am..........after loads of planning, work, visas, work and multiple other distractions it's all done (except the packing) and only 10 days to go!!

So how is all this going to work...........?

Well firstly I will attempt to maintain this blog, essentially my diary of this epic trip. I have mapped the route loaded accommodation details and linked a twitter account to this trip. Also the link below is a Spot Tracker that will show where in the world I am between 20May14 to 04Sep14 which at this point in time will be somewhere on a motorbike between London and Magadan in Siberia.......


Let the countdown begin.....10, 9, 8, :-)


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D Day


Was I ever this nervous???

All organised.....for the first time, on time, however it was all a little but surreal as not only the epic nature of the trip took hold but also the events of the last few weeks..........and that is the last I mention of that!! It wasn't until I reached MEL and I climbed on board that beautiful A380 that I really got excited! What an aircraft..............even though it took 2 hours to get the entertainment working it was all worth it in the end, smooth flight, pleasant service, full flight!! but I was lucky to have a spare seat in the middle :-) Sitting on the window was an uncommunicative elderly Englishman but you get that on the big flights.......it only became annoying when he curled up on the spare seat, took all three pillows and constantly farted whilst asleep...........guess you get that on the big flights as well :-)

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Brekkie in Dubai

............or lunch back home?

28 °C
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Ah the worst thing about plane travel......the lag! Anyway arrived in Dubai on what was one of the most awesome flight experiences yet....the A380 is something else. Looking for a quick connection but alas here I sit and yes....ladies and gentlemen this announcement is for passengers and guests on QF009 DXB to LHR. Due to a engineering issue (fuel) we anticipate a delay of 2 hours.............the Moet is just as good as the one at 4am :-) :-) ........pleased to announce the engineering issue has been resolved.......final call, we are off to London!!

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Day one & a bit


Well after another uneventful flight sector to LHR it was quite a breeze through immigration & customs but something was missing, nothing had assaulted the senses that said to me "you've arrived", so what was it going to be..........I didn't have to wait long! As I made my way down to the platform of the tube station it was that upwelling rush of underground tube air....oh yes I'm in London! :-) Got to the hotel around 1.30pm and thought a little sleep was in order...........16 hours later I was up and in the gym.....missed catching up with cousin Pia that night :-( but it was going to be worth it.....

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London with a local....?

Who bought the sun??

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Having slept through half a day & a night it was satisfying to wake up to London at its best. A beautiful sunny & warm (English warm) day. My wonderful cousin, Pia arrived at the hotel around 0930 and after some heartfelt greetings it was time to get outside and enjoy the day and the company!! With no particular plan in mind we walked and talked around places in London that only a local would know. After 17 years in London she really knows the city and it was just the greatest of days not only the sights but the food, the restaurants, the pubs & the people and if that wasn't enough we recharged and refreshed at the hotel and then headed down the east end to a great seafood restaurant. I was introduced to the subtleties of sherries and food pairing & Davo the head chef but above all it was the conversation and catching up with family that really made this just an amazing day :-)

........guess I better start adding some photos soon, I'm on to it!

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